Home Brew Bikes

We build custom bikes just like craft beer. With character and functionality at the heart, you won’t find any museum pieces or garage queens here.

Yamaha 500 Singles, your way.

Building bikes around a classic platform, the 70’s vintage XT/TT/SR lineup offers something for everyone. Parts are still available, many OEM. There are specialized vendors dedicated to these models. A vast network of enthusiasts and experts exists as well.

Homebrew Bikes

Years ago I started making homebrew. Before it was fashionable actually. I always liked it because of the simplicity of the process, but the complexity of the outcome. Water, grains, hops, yeast. Four simple ingredients, a world of flavors and styles of beer that you can create. Our custom bikes are like a good homebrew.…

How It Started

Maybe you found us through our sister blog Men Of an Age (www.menofanage.com) or maybe you are looking for that special custom bike. You could have been searching for parts, or looking for ideas, but no matter how you got here, welcome! 1978 – Boise, Idaho Al Russell’s Sport Center, the go-to shop for all…

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