Homebrew Bikes

Years ago I started making homebrew. Before it was fashionable actually. I always liked it because of the simplicity of the process, but the complexity of the outcome.

Water, grains, hops, yeast. Four simple ingredients, a world of flavors and styles of beer that you can create.

Our custom bikes are like a good homebrew. They start out simple with a Yamaha 500 single. But what we end up with is always unique. It can be as clean and simple as a light ale, or as complex as a peanut butter porter. We might give it the bold hoppy finish of a double IPA, or the richness and thick head of a classic Imperial Stout. It all depends on our mood, what parts and ideas fit, and to some extent what we have on hand at the time.

So we build bikes like we brew beer. With the intent of making something that is practical, unique, beautiful, and tasty. Contact us and let us start on a build for you that meets your tastes and budget. You won’t be dissapointed.


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